Although it is true that all roads lead to Rome, you have to know very well which path to follow within entrepreneurship to be successful, because in many cases, due to small errors (which may seem insignificant), startups thunder in first attempt.

Many believe that entrepreneurship is easy and underestimate the activity, but it must be taken into account that although “Entrepreneurship is for everyone, we are not all for entrepreneurship.” What does it depend on? There are political, social, economic and, of course, personal factors. Here I share the ten steps to be able to start with that business that has been around your mind so much, so that you can start on the right foot.

1. Define the reasons. If your motivation is to make money, better look for a traditional job; really identify what moves you to undertake

2. Evaluate yourself. Take into account if you have what it takes or are willing to learn it, if not, go on your way elsewhere

3. Select an idea. Everything that your mind can believe, it can do; As crazy as it may sound, it’s a matter of focus and perseverance

4. Define a business model. Ask what will your product or service be? What is your target market? and what makes you different from others?

5. Make a business plan. In a document describe your company, market strategies, objectives, investment, profitability, etc.

6. Form your work team. Great entrepreneurs surround themselves with people wiser than them, select people with your same passion

7. Look for financing. If possible, get financial support from someone or institutions (such as INADEM), compare options

8. Get to work. The perfect project will never exist until it is experienced in practice, jump in and learn from trial and error

9. Spread and promote. Let everyone know what you offer, take advantage of technology and do not forget the recommendation by word of mouth, or your website

10. Learn and specialize. Get to know your customers, suppliers; real costs, execution times, etc., and polish your business more and more

Finally, Think big. When you start to see results, do not get stuck in them, look for a way to move forward and achieve new goals.

Author: Melissa Murphy