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Business Advice for entrepreneurs

Business in the business sphere SMEs and entrepreneurs have been developing with great dynamics and complexity, accompanied by the new regulations that have given them renewed impetus and which are the product of an unquestionable phenomenon: the growth of the entrepreneurial sector in the Argentine Republic. This entails the adaptation of instruments used to date, with the adoption of new ones, to make them accessible to the business reality. This, added to the new law on entrepreneurs, requires a permanent update and a special interpretation in the conflictive issues that arise and must be settled in the judicial courts.


Promote the analysis of the tools available to SMEs and the professionals who advise them in the articulation with the legal regulations of funds and the provincial and municipal regulations. Provide an updated overview of the applicable regulations and the tools that condition
the efficient use of financing institutes in the SME business world. Strengthen the understanding of conduct and operational structures, from the perspective of  legal, regulatory and jurisprudential norms , with a view to debugging errors, omissions or distortions common
in practice.

Provide sufficient elements of judgment to face and frame the various problems that usually arise in practice, with the purpose of minimizing conflictive situations. Training in the management of legal structures linked to the company and business, which are
essential knowledge.


Professionals in the legal and economic sciences who work as managers, advisers, consultants or auditors in companies, SMEs, support organizations, SMEs experts, and public regulatory odies;
magistrates and secretaries of the judicial powers and all professionals linked to SMEs and entrepreneurs interested in having a comprehensive vision of problematic, relevant or novel issues in the development of said activity, with the consequent added value in functional or professional performance.